We offer classes for every level, 6 days a week.

What Does Soo Bahk Do Have to Offer?

The beginning class is geared to introduce the student to the art of Soo Bahk Do. For the first three to six months, students will learn the necessary information to be able to integrate with the intermediate class. Once a student tests and earns his/her orange belt, he/she will graduate into the intermediate class.

The kids class teaches every aspect of Soo Bahk Do in such a way that kids can easily comprehend. Unlike most martial arts kids programs, the curriculum is not watered down. Here the student will learn the concepts and applications of self defense, self confidence, discipline, respect, and self-mastery. The student will also learn the beauty of East Asian history, tradition, and culture and how it relates to Soo Bahk Do.

Children (Ages 5 - 12 Years Old)

  • Emphasis of self-discipline and self-control

  • Structured learning environment

  • Hone balance, control and other athletic skills

  • Learn concepts and values to apply as life skills

  • Set goals to progress through the ranks towards Black Belt

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Teens and Adults (Ages 13 Years Old and Up)

  • Improve fitness with conditioning drills that develop technical skills

  • Reduce stress and channel positive energy

  • Enhance full-body flexibility and dexterity

  • Learn philosophical concepts that apply to daily professional life

  • Set and achieve goals for rank, fitness, and ability.

  • Learn varied and practical self defense techniques and applications of traditional techniques found in the forms of Soo Bahk Do

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